Check your Hearing! World Hearing Day is March 3rd

This is news to me. Like, I actually felt like I had been living under a rock all this time.

In all the years growing up with a hearing loss, I had no idea that World Hearing Day was on March 3rd!

While many of you have a hearing loss, how many of you have family members (i.e. Grandparents) or friends who you think might need to get their hearing checked out? Use your experience to your advantage. Sometimes the best way to talk about hearing health is to have a candid conversation with others that you are close to… but remember to keep it light and fun!

Hearing health is also not just making sure that your hearing is good, but also to educate others what it’s like to have a hearing loss. Some good examples include:

  • Having captioning on your TV
  • Bringing your bedshaker to school (you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how I wake up!)
  • Getting your friends to put cotton balls in their ears and trying to talk to them
  • Play the ‘Hearing Things‘ game: see how well your friends and family can lipread!

  • Play the Telephone game – this is a classic example of how things can get truly mixed up!

What other light and fun advocacy strategies do you think you could use to educate your friends and family?