PSP Brochure 2017

Mission: To support deaf and hard of hearing students in their navigation of school, work, and social lives

Target: deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students ages 10 to 23

Scope of Services

A. Online Resources – Available through our website and Facebook page, such as:

  • Educational toolkits for students and families to use in a variety of settings
  • Collection of articles, blogs, and multimedia presentations
  • Young Adult Spotlight featuring diverse experiences

B. Networking – Participate in social events (i.e. BC Buddies) Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with their peers, interact with deaf and hard of hearing young adults
  • Learn from each other in modeling self-advocacy skills (i.e. captioning at movies;   selective seating at restaurants)

C. Workshops – In partnership with other agencies, we provide educational workshops applicable to students. During workshops, students will be informed of available resources in B.C. Examples of topics include career planning and post-secondary transition etc.

D. Leadership Involvement – With guidance from program coordinators and young adults, students will learn to:

  • Build self-advocacy skills essential for success
  • Expand communication skills in social settings