Tech Talk #4: Skins and Styles

Laugh all you want, but style is important.

Did you know that you can get skins (ya! Skins!) for your hearing aids and cochlear implants? I grew up with style cases for my cochlear implant, but it was never comfortable due to the extra thick layer of plastic. You know what I mean. My ears have to hold glasses and sunglasses – and that’s already a heavy load if you tell me.

Photo Credit: SkinIt

So back to skins. You know how you can put a skin on your laptop so no one else will mix up their laptop for yours? It’s the same idea. The company SkinIt has now included medical devices in their category. Go check it out here at

Competition is coming up for the skin idea, with Hearos coming out with their own line in the next few months – so stay tuned on that.

This might be worth checking into, especially for this summer while you experiment and get ‘comfortable’ with your new skins. Besides, it’ll give you an opportunity to showcase some of your interests (like Spiderman, if you will) too!

Share your new skins with us when you get them. We’d love to see them!