Ryan Mobberley

About Myself: My name is Ryan Mobberley.  I have profound hearing loss and wear a hearing aid and a cochlear implant.   I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and now work in a hospital as an X-ray and CT Technologist.  I am married to Taylor Mobberley (who also has hearing loss).

Starting Out: My dad introduced me to the game of golf when I was 12 years old, in Nanaimo, B.C.  I became a more serious golfer at age 15 when I received a membership to a local golf course.  Since age 15 I have played golf every summer at Breezy Bend Golf and Country Club.

World Deaf Golf: The 2006 World Deaf Golf Championship was held in Edmonton; my dad saw an article in the local newspaper about the tournament and told me.  Based on his information, I investigated further and found out about the Canadian Deaf Golf Championship – the tournament used to qualify to represent Canada at the World Deaf Golf Championship.  I played my first Canadian Deaf Golf Championship in 2007 in Mount Tremblant, Quebec.  My first World Deaf Golf Championship was in 2008 in Perth, Australia.  Over the years I have won the Canadian Deaf Golf Championship twice (2013 and 2015), and I have represented Canada at the World Deaf Golf Championship four times. 


Communication Successes and Challenges: Typically, I wear my hearing aid and CI when golfing.  However, at the World Deaf Golf Championship this is against the rules (so no players have an auditory advantage over others).  However, this makes the game more challenging for me to play because it creates a situation I’m not used to.  For example, I use the sound the club makes when it hits the ball to tell me if I hit a good shot or not, but at the World Deaf Golf Championship I must use other information to gauge my shot.  Despite these playing challenges, being part of these tournaments have given me many friends around the world, international travel opportunities, and a chance to proudly represent my country.

What is the one key message you want the deaf and hard of hearing youth to know?  Follow your dreams!  Do not let your disability hold you back!  You can achieve whatever you want in life, as long as you put your mind to it.