Staying Connected: Live Video Chats

This will be a short post – I’m guessing most of you don’t want to read a novel whilst on summer vacation. However, this is is a gentle reminder to:

Stay connected with your friends

Summers were often the hardest ones for me growing up (a kid of the 90s…) as there was no email or text messaging to keep in touch with school friends. I pretty much relied on my mom to call my friends’ moms to make plans.

Awkward much? Yep. I think so.

With today’s technology – having that freedom to stay connected with your friends is easier than ever. Use it to your advantage. Meet up with your friends if you can. If that’s not possible, then consider live video chats!

Popular apps today like Skype, Whatsapp, and if you’re so lucky to have an iPhone – FaceTime, video messaging has never been so easy to do. If you’re looking for a more reliable connection (I’ve had plenty of dropped video chats!), there’s other platforms like Zoom, GoTo Meeting, and Google Duo. There are a ton of platforms than the ones that I’ve listed – google it and check out which ones work best for you.  I’ve done video messaging from my phone and from my PC. To be honest, I prefer my PC only because I know my surrounding environment will be quiet enough for me to pick up what’s being said!

Photo Credit: Zoom

It helps if you’re able to have a good webcam and a good audio cable to support the experience. Even ASL interpreters are willing to assist on multi-user platforms, with advance notice – so you if you’re hard of hearing like me, you can still have a video chat with a Deaf friend.

Happy Connecting!