Blog Series

Our latest blog series is written by Monique Les, who will deep dive on a variety of topics to help hard of hearing youth, or people who work with hard of hearing youth, be more effective in their lives.

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Hard of Hearing Teens
    Being a kid is challenging and awesome at the same time. But, it’s even more challenging when you’re hard of hearing. These 7 habits will help you be more effective as a hard of hearing kid.
  • Barrier Free Communication
    What’s barrier free communication? And how can you, as a parent, student, young adult, or teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing, enhance that experience?
  • Dating and Relationships: Myths Debunked!
    Ahh. The million dollar question for most young people (I’m looking at you teens and young adults… and maybe some in their late 20s). (Part 2)

Living Life Independently

  • The Home
    For most people, moving out of the house and gaining independence is a pretty big thing. For those who are deaf/hard of hearing (D/HH) it can certainly feel overwhelming! Use this article as a starting point to explore the various technologies available.
  • Getting Around
    While major vacations are super awesome and fun (check out How to Travel like a HOH for tips!), most of us can’t afford to live the high-end luxury life 24/7. This week’s Living Life Independently series focuses more on day to day types of transportation.
  • Emergencies
    An important aspect of living independently is being prepared for emergencies – it’s always a good idea to have a plan of action for various situations, and the same applies for people who are ‘hearing’ too.

Back to School Resources

If you have a hearing loss, the first day of school may be filled with anxiety and nervousness; but it doesn’t have to be! This blog series covers how you can succeed at school and make use of the many resources available to you.

  • Back to School… Are you all set?
    It’s that time of the year – the crisp fall is back, and hundreds of thousands of kids are already in school (and many parents back to the balancing act!). By now, we hope you’re not as overwhelmed as you might have been last week.
  • First day of school
    Before school starts, learn about what you should buy, and things you can do ahead of time to make it easier for the first day.
  • Back to School Reading List 2016
    Read some heart-touching and humorous stories about children who have experienced a hearing loss.

Mental Health and Hearing Loss

Did you know that a hearing loss can affect mental well-being, and cause social, emotional, and physical stress? In this blog series, we will talk about several factors that can lead to negative mental health consequences, and discuss how to handle these situations.

  1. Hearing Loss and Your Mental Health
    What happens when you misunderstand what someone has said? Be honest about what you understood, explain, and seek clarification.
  2. Mental Health and Self Advocacy
    Advocate for yourself to feel more confident, let others know what you need, and help them understand your hearing loss.
  3. Mental Health and Accommodations
    Research accommodations to help you communicate more effectively in your environment. A variety of strategies exist to help you succeed in school, work, or play.

Summer Health Series

School is out and you finally have a break from work to enjoy fun summer activities and traveling! Before you set off, review this blog series on how you can enjoy your summer holidays safely and be prepared.

  1. Experience the Dutch Way – Joy’s Summer Highlights
    Summer 2018, I had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands to attend a camp for hard of hearing young adults, followed by a short, extended two day vacation afterwards. It was the first time I had ever experienced traveling with other deaf/hard of hearing peers, and it was an amazing adventure.
  2. Exploring Accessibility at Museums
    Nicole and Tasha went to the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum. Here they share their experiences and review of the accessibility options available for those who are hard of hearing.
  3. How to Travel like a HOH
    Here are some quick tips for you to have a fabulous summer with travel – whether it be a road trip, a flight to somewhere exotic, or even visiting sights in your hometown!
  4. How to protect your hearing aid in the water
    What are some strategies to keep your hearing aid free from moisture? If your aids get wet, quickly dry them using steps we discuss in this post.
  5. Air Travel Accommodations
    With these steps, you’ll travel like a pro on airplanes and get safely to your destination!
  6. Traveling Tips for those with Hearing Loss
    Before you leave for your trip, be sure you pack necessary equipment and learn how to breeze through common travel procedures.