Young Adult Spotlight: Nicole Leung



Hello, mnicolely name is Nicole Leung. I was an infant when I lost my hearing to meningitis. With mild to profound bilateral hearing losses, I wear hearing aids in both ears. I mainly communicate through listening and spoken language with speech-reading, and know a little bit of American Sign Language.  Growing up, I attended local elementary and secondary schools with support from my teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing. During post-secondary education, I received assistance from the disability centers and advisors at the school.

In high school, I was a team captain for dragon boating. In recent years, I worked as a mentorship program coordinator, and I have been volunteering with CHHA-BC YPSP since 2014.

Currently, I am finishing up my nursing degree. When working in hospitals, an amplified electronic amplified stethoscope is utilized to help me listen to patients’ heartbeats. To communicate with others, and for added listening support in class, I use a Roger PEN and TypeWell transcription services.

My hobbies and interests include: venturing about the great outdoors, face-painting, photography, cinematography, travelling, and learning new things.

While grateful for the opportunities encountered so far, I have learned the importance of perseverance in facing adversaries – especially with the help of support networks and surrounding yourself with people who help you to be the person you aspire to be.