Making Online Learning Accessible for DHH Students

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General Tips (taken from Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education)

All materials used for online learning should be available in print and sent to students and parents in advance for previewing.

Students should continue to use Roger, FM or Bluetooth systems if there will be auditory information presented in online learning activities.

All visual media should have closed-captioning available. Please review material ahead of time and ensure that captions or subtitles have been created for the material.

Online Platforms for Video Meetings

The platforms shown on the right side all have in-built live captioning, which are suitable to use when you host a live video session. Simply look for the “CC/Captions” button.

If you are only showing the speaker, use Google Hangouts Meet or Microsoft Teams.

If you are including a presentation, use Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, then activate screen sharing on your video platform.

Ensuring Optimal Audio/Video Quality

  • Close proximity to the microphone on computer
  • Minimize background noise around you (close the doors and windows)
  • Sit in a position where the light is facing you (allow student to see your face clearly)
  • Repeat or rephrase classmate’s comments and questions as you would in a classroom during group conversations

Captioned Videos

Below are websites which contain a library of captioned videos on a variety of learning topics:

Pre-recorded Activities

If you plan to record a video in advance and it has an audio component, upload it onto YouTube to generate automated captions.  You can set your videos to “private only” and share the link to those who you want to view.

Speech-to-Text Apps (suitable for group conversations)

If you are planning to do a class discussion on the online platform, the DHH student should download one of the apps below on another media device, which will enable them to see all the text from audio output in the group discussions.

Ava Scribe

Google Live Transcribe

Microsoft Translator

Text-to-Speech App

Speechify: (adjust speed & voice)

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact your Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.