BC Buddies Corn Maze + Pumpkin Farm

Written by Renee Fong BC Buddies Coordinator

Our October event for the BC Buddies had a turnout of 10 participants and 2 tag-along parents! We had our adventure in the Chilliwack Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm, where we explored for hours and still couldn’t do everything they offered at the farm! It was fantastic that our day in the farm was bright with sunshine. We asked the kids were looking forward to the day – mainly, hoping to not get lost in the corn maze or to have fun and definitely getting lost. Two completely different camps of thoughts! Before trekking into the ‘hard’ 12 Acre Corn Maze, we took off to the Indoor Hale Bale Maze to start off. “If we get lost in the ‘easy’ maze, then we will know if we’ll get lost in the ‘hard’ one,” one buddy said. Wandering through the barn was a sight to see – there were toys littered across the ground, a statue of a cow you could milk, tire swings and a corn pit! We learned how to braid horse tails, played in the corn pit like a sand box, and tried out the mini games the farm had in the barn.

After the small activities, we were ready to take on the 12 Acre Corn Maze. Quickly going over the plan on what to do if anyone got lost or let behind, we set up a buddy system before going inside. Immediately seeing two paths – ‘Difficult’ and ‘Easy’ – everyone went straight to the difficult path. As we soon realized, wandering through without thought wasn’t the greatest idea. We kept running around in circles, with no idea where we were! The corn stalks were so tall, and everything looked the same. Plus, as we wandered further in, the ground was getting muddier and muddier! Soon, we stepped into puddles that were over a foot deep! Two of us got our boots stuck in the mud and— SQUELCH—socks got wet.

Quickly deciding we actually needed to think, some buddies pulled off some corn to lay a trail from where we’ve been before (like breadcrumbs!), and we pulled out the postcard maps we received at the beginning of our journey to figure out where we were in the maze. There were 7 posts in the maze with riddles/questions that we needed to answer in order to figure out where to go. Once we got that down, we muddled our way through (some of us going THROUGH the stalks since our boots weren’t tall enough to go through puddles!), with only two falls, we managed to get through the maze! We were out!

Afterwards, we went to a fire pit area and pumpkin patch behind it. Some buddies picked out some small pumpkins while others sat down to relax. It was near the end of our day, and everyone was puckered out! So, it was time for snacks and to light the fire for s’mores!




Overall, we had a blast in the maze, some got their pumpkin (if they wanted one or not) and enjoyed the s’mores. Thanks for joining us on this beautiful, sunny day, and we’re glad the mud was a highlight instead of a downside!