BC Buddies Bake Off!

Written by Jessica Niemela, BC Buddies Coordinator

Last weekend BC Buddies Bake-off was a real hit!! We had a total of 17 participants in attendance who made the baking competition extra fun. The participants were assigned into teams. Each team chose a name for themselves which were: 1) Cool Berries, 2) Team Mystic, 3) Sweet Attack and 4) The Rainbow Lightning Bolts.

Thankfully it was a bright and sunny day, allowing for a smooth walk to Banana Grove grocery store. Each team was responsible for obtaining the ingredients on their list, including the secret one they wanted to put in the muffins – the challenge was given to see how quick they can get them all.  Within 10 minutes we were out of the store!


Upon returning to the Centre, each team was eagerly waiting at their preparation table.  Each group member was given a role for the baking process (recipe reader, runner, measurer, mixer).  The runner and measurer were designated to come grab the supplies and correct amount of ingredients they needed.  The reader ensures that the instructions are followed correctly. The groups worked so well together, each person started with their given roles at first, then collaborated when it was time to mix everything together and fill the pans.












The muffins baked while we had lunch and played outdoor games. When the muffins were cool and ready to eat we brought them out to be judged by our special guest, Loretta. It was a tough decision for her as all the muffins turned out to be delicious.

Each group was awarded a category which were as follows: Most Creative: The Rainbow Lightning Bolts; Most Tasteful: The Cool Berries, Most Collaborative: Team Mystic; and Best Presentation: Sweet Attack.

Above: Team Mystic

Upper Left: The Cool Berries

Middle Left: The Rainbow Lighting Bolts

Bottom Left: Sweet Attack



After consuming their well-earned muffins, everyone pitched ideas on what to do at our next BC Buddies event, so be sure to join us next time on Sat, February 9th 2019!  Thank you to Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of BC for hosting us and to Caldor Foundation for the funds to make this event possible.