7 Embarrassing Moments That Happened in Real Life

Embarrassing moments happens to each and every one of us. More so with being hard of hearing. I could prattle off for hours on this topic. It is both therapeutic and reassuring to know that however mortifying an experience might be, it brings us all closer on many levels! (Note: all names have been changed to ensure privacy)

I was talking through my hood, and this dude goes: “hey how are you doing?” And I said “Good, and you?”. At the same time, someone answers from behind me. (pretends to walk away like it’s cool…) – Claire

In high school I had just gotten my cochlear implant and things were still sounding foreign. I was sitting by my locker for lunch with a friend when suddenly my friend burst out laughing. I looked at her with sheer confusion. It wasn’t until she pointed out to me that my magnet had gotten stuck to the locker! – Ella

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia ‘Facepalm’

I had the longest conversation with a lady about her horse that she told me she missed it dearly. I asked her about caring for it, how much it was, that it must be beautiful even though it’s a lot to look after. Turns out she meant her house. – Sam

Today I misheard spinach for Spanish. I was talking to my friend about churros and I heard my friend saying spinach in churros. I was like… “its a dessert!”  – Edward

I was just sitting in my physio appointment. The physiotherapist was behind me, massages my neck and asks a question. She said “are you feeling sleepy? “ and I said: ”yea I could use another cup!” And she’s like….. “I asked you if you wanted some heat. What did you think I said?” – Jodie

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia “Embarrassed Emoji”\

I was in class. And our instructor (out of the blue) decided to ask how’s everyone doing that day? I usually wait until my transcriber starts typing so I can have a look at my phone and see what’s being said. So I couldn’t hear what everyone was saying to her as a reply for the question. Her hand pointed at me and it’s my turn to speak (looking confused at everyone assumed she’s asking for our names) which is weird because it wasn’t our first class to ask for names. So I just went by “Henry” and just enjoyed looking at her bedazzled face as her brain is trying to function how I’m feeling so “Henry” today. Glad she just moved on to the next person… – Henry

When I was in gym class (in elementary) we were playing soccer in class. At one point in the middle of the game, the teacher yelled switch – meaning that we were supposed switch goals. I didn’t hear it, so I kept running and kicked the ball into the wrong goal. – Annie

What’s your embarrassing moment? Being Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing also means embracing the moments where you think life is going just fine and dandy, only to find out that it wasn’t. These innocuous moments also shape us for the future, giving us ‘ mental ammunition’ to realize that sometimes not everything has to go perfectly.